Copenhagen ZooNothing can be more fun for kids to adults than a visit to the Copenhagen Zoo, as you will be treated to many different things that you will remember for a lifetime. One of the things that many people forget is how much fun a zoo can actually so today let us take a much closer look at the Copenhagen Zoo and all that it has to offer a visitor.

Most people when they first thing about a zoo animals come to mind and the Copenhagen zoo has a vast amount of those as well. When the zoo was first opened you would have seen animals such as eagles, seals, foxes, owls, ducks and probably some chickens. This was many years ago and now you will be able to see many more animals than the first visitor got to see. Today's Copenhagen Zoo has recently built a new Elephant garden, which was designed by the famous architect Norman Foster, and he has received many awards for this new design and place for elephants. Right now the gardens hold seven elephants and is a very popular attraction at the Copenhagen Zoo. It does not end there though as this is the only zoo outside of Australia that has a Tasmanian Devil in captivity, which should speak what kind of zoo, this is.

The Copenhagen Zoo is the most visited Zoo in Denmark and also is one of the oldest in Europe. It was started back in 1859 by Niles Kjaerbolling so it has had a very rich tradition and that continues today as well. In recent years the Copenhagen Zoo has been working to implement more programs in partnership with other Danish Zoos, which will help it grow even more, and the other zoos in Denmark as well. The Copenhagen Zoo has many different animals for people to see and young to old will enjoy the relaxed atmosphere that a zoo does give you. More and more people are finding out that a zoo is a low cost alternative to the more expensive amusement parks today. Give the Copenhagen Zoo a try and you will certainly have a good time checking out the animals and probably learn a thing or two in the process as well.

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