6 of the Best Cities to Visit in Denmark if You Love Beer and Breweries

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At a time when craft beer tourism is becoming popular, Denmark has established itself as the go-to destination for beer enthusiasts, and for a good reason. The country is home to large and small breweries located strategically in different cities. 

Most of the breweries in Denmark offer rare handmade blends that you'll struggle to find in other countries. The country even has bars and pubs with their own home-brewed beers. 

If you are a craft beer lover visiting Denmark, here are six of the best cities you shouldn't miss on your list of things to do. 

1. Copenhagen

As the capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen has a lot to offer beer lovers. The city is home to the country's most famous breweries, including Mikkeller, a top-rated craft brewery globally. 

Mikkeller has several locations in Copenhagen, including its flagship bar in the trendy Vesterbro neighborhood. The bar offers visitors an impressive selection of craft beers, including rare and unique brews.

Other must-visit breweries in Copenhagen include Carlsberg, the city's most famous brewery, and Nørrebro Bryghus, a popular microbrewery offering a wide range of beers, including seasonal and limited-edition brews. 

2. Aarhus

Aarhus is Denmark's second-largest city and has a thriving beer scene. The city has some excellent breweries, including To Øl, one of Denmark's most innovative craft breweries.

To Øl produces a range of unique and experimental beers, including sour beers, stouts, and IPAs. In addition, the brewery has a taproom in Aarhus, where you can try their latest creations.

If you want something more traditional, you can visit Aarhus Bryghus, a local brewery producing various tastes of Danish beers. In addition, you can head to the top floor of the Salling department store, where you'll have a chance to enjoy craft beer at a rooftop bar. 

3. Odense

Various excellent breweries call Odense, Denmark's third largest city, home. Among the most popular breweries in the city is Albani, one of the country's oldest breweries that was founded in 1859. Visitors at Albani can enjoy a range of traditional Danish beers, including stouts, lagers, and pilsners. 

Besides the famous Albani beer, you can find experimental and craft beers at Amager Bryghus and Bryggeriet Flakhaven. And if you want a traditional Danish pub experience, Christian Firtal, located in the heart of Odense, might be the perfect place to be. 

4. Roskilde

Roskilde is a historic city in Denmark known for its impressive cathedral and annual music festival. However, the area also boasts a fantastic beer scene, with breweries such as Herslev Bryghus producing high-quality beers like stouts, IPAs, and saisons. 

Another great brewery in Roskilde is Musicon Mikrobryggeri, a microbrewery serving craft beer with 14 rotating taps. Visitors at Musicon Mikrobryggeri can enjoy their drinks as they listen to the sounds of rock music. 

If you are looking for a traditional Danish pub experience in Roskilde, head to Gustav Wieds – Byens Ølbar, a corner neighborhood bar serving a range of Danish beers. The place has a hygge atmosphere, with beer lovers sipping their drinks as they sing along to 70s and 80s hits. 

5. Skagen

Skagen is a charming town located at the northern tip of Denmark. The town is popular for its beautiful beaches and its unique light, which has attracted artists and writers for centuries.

Skagen also boasts a vibrant but small beer scene. The most famous brewery in the area is Skagen Bryghus, which offers a rare atmosphere to beer lovers with lunch and live music. Skagen Bryghus is also Denmark’s largest beer garden. 

For an exhilarating beer experience, you can visit Pakhuset. Located on the harbor that offers scenic views, this restaurant serves different varieties of craft beer to enjoy with friends. 

6. Bornholm

If you are around the Baltic Sea and would love to taste some great craft beers, you may want to head to Bornholm. This small Danish Island is known for its natural beauty, historic sites, and vibrant food and drink scene. 

The island's most famous brewery is Svaneke Bryghus. Guided by its motto, ‘good things take a while, good beer even more’, this brewery produces 100% organic beer. Every year, over 80,000 tourists flock to Bornholm to taste Svaneke Bryghus beers. 

Want to Start Your Own Small Brewery?

If you're a beer enthusiast interested in starting your own brewery, Denmark could be the best place to get inspiration. With a thriving beer scene and a supportive community of brewers, there are several resources to help you get started. 

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Denmark has a rich beer culture and history and many fantastic cities to visit if you love beer and breweries. So, whether you're looking for traditional Danish beers or unique and experimental brews, you will be sure to find it in one of these six cities.

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