The Best Films, TV Shows, and Games for Viking Fans

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In the medieval times, Vikings shaped a significant part of history, both here in Denmark and the greater Nordic region. These Scandinavian seafarers took over several areas in Europe and left behind a rich legacy in the modern-day world, displayed in museum relics and exhibits across Denmark. Their influential heritage also inspired various forms of media entertainment, such as the hit TV series Vikings, which just ended last year.

So, if you find yourself yearning for the tales of these brave warriors, here is a list of Viking films, TV shows, and games you can enjoy!

The Vikings

What better way to start this list than by talking about The Vikings? This 1958 swashbuckling film tells the gripping story of the hero Ragnar Lothbrok, played by the talented Ernest Borgnine. The movie was so well directed that every action scene looks genuine, despite not having access to sophisticated CGI technology back then. This iconic film would go on to inspire many media adaptations of Viking culture, like the Tales of the Vikings and Erik the Conqueror.

The Last Kingdom

The year is 866, and the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings are battling for power — this is the synopsis of the historical show The Last Kingdom. Similar to the hit TV series The Vikings mentioned above, the series takes place in the kingdom of Wessex, even featuring their own version of Ragnar. However, since the show is based on Bernard Cornwell’s The Saxon Stories, the show is centered on the perspective of the English instead of the Scandinavians’, making for a unique take on the classic The Vikings narrative.

Thor: Ragnarok

If you’re into adaptations of Nordic legends and mythologies in pop culture, look no further than the entire Thor trilogy from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But if you only have the time to watch one movie, Thor: Ragnarok is probably the best option. Here, Thor races against time as Hela, his sister and the goddess of death, and the fire giant Surtur destroy Asgard. Throughout the trilogy, Thor is joined by other characters adapted from Norse mythology such as Loki, Odin, Lady Sif, and Heimdall.

How to Train Your Dragon

While Viking fans may have a penchant for historical and action scenes, you must not overlook animated films, like How to Train Your Dragon. Although this movie was peppered with fantasy elements (dragons aren’t real, sadly), everything else, including the culture exhibited and settlements, were well-researched depictions of the real thing. For example, Berk’s jagged edges and tall cliffs were created to depict a harsh environment that only a Viking could live in.

Viking Riches

Historically, Vikings were known for their expertise in sailing and warfare, which they used to seize treasure and open trade routes. This Viking love for treasure hunting trickled down to the present day and is depicted in many forms of media, like online games. In fact, one of the best slot titles on Foxy Games is Viking Riches — an online game whose goal is to help players take the “mysterious treasure.” With up to three bonus features, the game has a progressive jackpot slot or a prize pool that continues to grow until a winner brings it all home. There are also different levels that can be won by spinning a wheel of fortune.


Another online game that is inspired by Viking culture is the hit sandbox survival title Valheim. Here, players take the role of slain Vikings in their pursuit to prove themselves fit for Valhalla. While it has not been fully released yet, it has already become one of the fastest-selling games on Steam Early Access. The game even sold four million copies within the first three weeks, proving how well developed the game is. The full version should come out in a few months, if not a year.

Whether you are into film, TV shows, or immersive games, it is important to understand that there will always be a piece of Viking culture in each niche for you to enjoy. Clear out your schedule, and binge these titles to your heart’s desire!

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