Danish Researcher Invents Wii-Controlled Robot Lawnmower

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CasmobotInnovativeness is what Danes are known for worldwide. And they start young. Through this blog alone, many of you have learned about the numerous achievements of the Danish people in different fields. Mostly, though, they’re famous for their unique innovations in the field of science and technology.

Now here’s something amazing that the Danes have discovered recently. Researchers at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense, Denmark, have just unveiled a robot lawnmower with a remote control. The most interesting part here is that the Casmobot lawnmower can be operated using the Nintendo Wii remote control.

The man behind this invention is Kjeld Jensen, a robotics researcher. He said he developed this robotics system to make lawn mowing a more efficient task. The Nintendo Wii remote control enables the lawnmower to do its job by communicating to a computer using the Bluetooth technology and to a robotics module built inside the machine.

Interfacing the Wiimote to the Casmobot module actually started out as a funny idea one late friday afternoon in the robotics laboraty at the university. But it has turned out to be a great concept as the Wiimote seems so much more intuitive than an industrial standard remote control unit, especially to people who haven't tried steering larger remote controlled vehicles before.

To move the lawn mower forward, one just needs to tilt the Wii remote forward. Tilting the remote backwards will make the lawnmower move backwards as well. The Wii remote can also be automated to make the machine cut the grass in a specific area. So for instance, people who’d like to use it can guide the robot mower to work at the borders of a lawn and then they can just change it to an automatic mode to make the machine work on its own.

Jensen happily reported that his invention has gained a positive reception from professional workers tasked to mow the lawn at the municipalities. When he introduced the robot machine to the workers and they started to try out the Wiimote themselves, Jensen said the people were all smiling and laughing. Perhaps, they were amazed that somebody could invent a very unique lawnmower that could actually help make their work easier and faster.

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