Danish Forest Potential Beetle Juice Source

It’s amazing how scientists can be so innovative and resourceful. And we’re not talking about just the ordinary scientists but those especially from Denmark. The Danes are truly a unique lot because of their numerous achievements in terms of scientific inventions and researches.

Beetle juice

The latest research that is bound to make Denmark country famous again pertains to the use of beetle juice. Three researchers at Roskilde University have recently discovered that the bodily fluids of beetles can be made into an anti-freeze substance. The substance can then be used in various anti-frost products.

In their experiment with the Longhorn beetle which is native in Northern Europe, the scientists found a certain protein in the insect’s hemolymph, a primitive blood type. The three researchers can take the beetle’s genes and produce the protein in an artificial manner in the laboratory.

The protein found here can easily be mixed with substances such as oils and paints. The products containing the protein become frost resistant and therefore are ideal for use notably as coatings for aircraft wings. The unique feature of the substance is its ability to lower an object’s freezing point by at least 10 degrees Celsius.

Apart from the aircraft industry, the food sector can take advantage of the substance as well. Its role is in making yeast more tolerant to frost giving bread manufacturers an opportunity to save millions of dollars in their business.

If this research becomes successful, the three scientists involved namely Casper Wilkens, Hans Ramlov and Anders Lobner-Olesen are projected to become very rich and famous. To date, several companies have already expressed interest on the project. They include the Scandinavian Airlines, Vestas which manufactures wind turbines and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of aircraft paint.

The scientists are now seeking a patent for this particular breakthrough and if granted, this would be the first for Roskilde University researchers.

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