Don’t Talk or Even Joke About Bombs

With security in many countries put at great risk these days due to the threat of terrorism worldwide, it’s best to always follow the rules set by governments and law enforcement authorities. Travelers, most especially, should be aware of anti-terror programs in place and should respect the security regulations of other countries on this matter.

One such rule pertains to bombs. While many are already aware that there is a rule urging people not to talk or even joke about bombs in public, there are still people who continue to violate this.

Just look at what happened to the flight of Denmark’s Prince Frederik and Princess Mary last weekend. The royal couple’s flight from Copenhagen to Chicago got delayed for two hours because one passenger was heard saying that he was amused they did not find the bomb in his pocket. The 43-year-old man uttered the remark referring to the law enforcement people while checking in at the airport.

The Dane’s remark prompted security people to search the entire plane before allowing it to take off. All passengers including the Danish royal couple had to disembark from the SAS plane to allow for a thorough bomb search. The 40-year-old son of Queen Margrethe II and his 37-year-old wife were to start a weeklong visit to Chicago, Nebraska, Colorado and New York.

Unfortunately for the Danish man from whom that bomb remark came from, he was immediately arrested and detained that Saturday. He’s also facing a damages claim from the SAS airline.

This is a lesson for everyone. Keep in mind that if you don’t have anything good to say in public, then better seal your lips. Never tell bomb jokes in planes, trains, ships, ports and other public areas if you don’t want to land in jail.

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