Layover in Copenhagen – Now What?

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Airport layovers aren’t what they used to be. No longer do you have to scrunch up next to some guy with sunken, blood-shot eyes from lack of sleep and try to rest your weary traveler’s bones on hard metal seats.

In this age of tight security, long lines and technology officials have made airports comfortable. Being at an airport can be like hanging at a small university complete with boxy restaurants and nearby rancorous bars. And if you have a layover in Copenhagen, well that can be downright cozy.

So if you have a layover in Copenhagen’s Airport here’s what you can do.

  • Play golf with Tiger Woods. The large airport features a host of eateries and shops including the luxurious Caviar House, the fur coat clothier Biger Christensen Outlet and golf! Yes, you can play against Tiger Woods in the airport’s virtual golf game.
  • Take the metro train into the city.  It takes just a few minutes from the airport. You can store your bags at the airport or in the lockers at the train station that docks in downtown Copenhagen. A roundtrip ticket will cost you $5. If your layover is long – five hours plus – then purchase a multi-ticket for just $30. This allows you 10 rides across three zones!
  • Visit Tivoli. Also known as Tivoli Gardens, this downtown place is an amusement park, fine dining experience, music venue all wrapped up in one. And it has lots of extras including a theater, open air stage and the Tivoli Aquarium. You can’t go to Copenhagen without going to this wondrous pleasure place.
  • Activity isn’t your thing? Then cruise around on a canal boat tour! It’s a unique way to see the sights in Copenhagen. You can travel in anything from a big tour boat to a heated boat with a glass roof. You can get a guided tour or a Hop-On Hop-Off tour where you basically take water taxis from different destinations. Tours range from all day to just under two hours.
  • Take the Metro to Vesterbro. Not far from downtown, this happening, hip part of the city affords you a host of bars and restaurants and just a little bit of that urban Danish flavor. There are too many cool places to name but just hop off the train and yell Vesterbro and fun will be sure to come running.

These are just a few short quick things you can do on an airport layover. Don’t forget to consider the time it takes for you to get your bags and back through security. Have fun and happy traveling!

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