Weird Danish Customs You May Not Know

Danes are known to be very happy people, but for those who know little about them, some customs can be very weird. Some might even plainly say that these customs are just stupid. And yet Danes, just like any other people of a different culture, have a normal set of traditions too. Take a look again and decide for yourself whether these customs are truly weird or are just new to you.


  • Fitness enthusiasts would often say that eating breakfast is one of the most important fitness regiments that people need to stick to. Danes seem to agree, the only difference is that they believe that drinking and getting tipsy before 9 in the morning would be the best way to go. Gammel Dansk, one of the hard drinks of the Danes, is also believed to cure a lot of diseases.
  • As if the world’s list of holidays is still not enough, Danes have what they call the J-day. It is the holiday that allows them to get that extra shot of beer. This year, the J-day lands in November 5. Make sure to be properly trained to drink as most drinks would contain more than 5% of alcohol.
  • Did you know that bats are protected by a Danish law? You read that right. Danes could not dare live without bats. This means that Danish people could not kill or harm bats. When the bat enters their house, they simply have to live out of the house if they could not live with the bat inside.
  • Honk to check if your car is working. Checking the car before leaving for any place could mean utmost security; thus Danes make sure that they check everything about their car before they take off. This definitely includes honking of the horns.



Now, which of these Danish customs could you live with?

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